Photo 12
From private family collection.

Edwin married Eleanor Ludlam Dangler in Philadelphia on June 8, 1892. 

Eleanor was born in Cape May City, NJ, on September 26, 1873.  According to the 1910 U.S. census, both her parents were also born in New Jersey. 

In addition to Eleanor and Ellen, she was also referred to as Ella by the family.  For example, Edwin’s nephew, Royd C. Lutz, referred to her as “Aunt Ella.” 

Photo 13
Portraits of Eleanor (circa 1899-1911).  From private family collection.


Mme Eleanor Millinery

Eleanor was a milliner and owned the Mme Eleanor Hat Co. (or Mme Eleanor Millinery) at 182 Madison Avenue, New York, NY.  Below are photos of her store.  The photo to the right can also be viewed in the New York Heritage Digital Collections.

Photo 14
Photos of Eleanor’s Millinery Store (circa 1910).  From private family collection.

She advertised in The Millinery Trade Review several times in and around 1916.

Photo 15
Eleanor Hat Lock Advertisement – The Millinery Trade Review – November 1916.

In the October 1916 issue of The Millinery Trade Review, Eleanor wrote an article titled “Buying in Paris” (page 39) under the name “MME. ELEANOR.”  From the article:

“My disappointment was extreme when I found that “The Fashion” (spelled with a capital letter) is not set, as it is over here, by having the most exclusive ideas put in a shop window to be copied by the multitude.  These are guarded most carefully and are only to be seen by those exclusive patrons who are known to the house and who spend their money lavishly.”


Here are some additional facts about Edwin and Eleanor:

  • 1892 – Edwin and Eleanor were married in Philadelphia.
  • 1900 – Edwin and Eleanor travelled to Paris (discussed in the next section).
  • 1909 – Eleanor traveled from Liverpool, England, to New York City on the ship Lusitania.  Edwin was not on the passenger list.
  • 1910 – Edwin and Eleanor were listed together in the 1910 census at the address 70 West 38th Street, New York City.
  • 1913 – Eleanor traveled from Le Havre, France, to New York, NY, on the ship S.S. Chicago.  Edwin was not listed.
  • 1916 – Eleanor was listed in the New York City Directory, referencing the Mme Eleanor Hat Co. with an address of 226 Lexington Ave.  Edwin was not listed.
  • 1917 – Eleanor was listed in the New York City Directory, referencing the Mme Eleanor Hat Co. with an address of 182 Madison Avenue.  Edwin was not listed.
  • 1920 – Edwin was listed in the 1920 census as married; Eleanor was not listed.  His address was 1110 Park Avenue, New York City.
  • 1925 – Edwin traveled from Southhampton, England, to New York City on the ship S.S. Majestic.  Eleanor was not listed.  His place of residence was listed as Weehawken, NJ.
  • 1930 – Edwin was listed in the 1930 census as divorced.  His address was 119 Howard Street, Dumont, NJ.

The couple did not have any children.  No other records related to Eleanor, such as date of divorce or her death, have been found.

Photo 16
Eleanor playing the piano (circa 1898).  From private family collection.

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