Photo 17
From private family collection.

Edwin and Eleanor went to Paris in 1900 so that Edwin could study at the Académie Julian. 

In a letter dated March 1, 1900, his uncle Christoper Lutz wrote to Edwin suggesting that he visit Germany on his trip to Europe.  Christopher described the towns (Dombühl and Heilbronn, Württemberg) where Edwin’s parents were from, in case he “concluded to stop off there in your journey through Germany.”  Christopher provided a few lines in German to be given to an old friend of the family in Dombühl. 

Edwin’s brother William received this post card from Edwin and Eleanor while they were in  Paris in 1900.  Edwin doodled a few figures and wrote:  “Top of Eiffel Tower, great-big town below us.  All sorts of queer people on top.”

It is not known whether Edwin and Eleanor visited any other parts of Europe during this trip.

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