Photo 59Come back periodically to see what changes have been made to this website.

12/18/2021 – Removed Animation Contemporaries Page.  Updated discussion of “F. C. Lutz” on Animation Page.

5/25/2018 – Added The Story of Old Glory page, linked from the Animation page.

2/23/2018 – Changed menu hierarchy, changed introduction by removing family connection, other minor changes.

2/6/2018 – On Introduction page, added anchor link to Walt Disney on Animation page.  Changed name of “Contemporaries” page to “Animation Contemporaries.”

2/1/2018 – Added Drawing Made Easy to gallery.  From newly discovered family records:  in Upbringing page, provided a marriage date for John and Anna Lutz and on Marriage page, provided a marriage date for Edwin and Eleanor.  Updated following galleries:  Illustrations, What to Draw and Practical Drawing.

1/27/2018 – Added Animated Cartoons to gallery, added Teddy Roosevelt “Blockhead” illustration in Illustrations in gallery, added links to Formative and Profession pages, and added a paragraph discussion of the 1916 Scientific American article on animation in the Contemporaries page.

1/24/2018 – Updated information on Flora Lutz in the Upbringing page.  Added an Impact statement from Michael Barrier.  Also updated the Animation page with a quote from Michael Barrier’s The Animated Man.

1/22/2018 – Removed Lower Level (available for future expansion), Changed Gallery menu hierarchy, fixed issue with Museum Tour page, and other minor changes.

01/17/2018 – Website Launched Publicly.

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