Welcome to the E.G. Lutz Memorial Art Museum

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This virtual museum has been created to showcase Edwin’s Illustrations and books.  Much of the museum is currently under construction, but will be developed over time.

If you are a first time visitor to the museum, it is recommended that you take the Museum Tour.

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Illustrations – Newspaper and Magazines.

What to Draw and How to Draw It (1913) – The Ideal Method.

Practical Drawing (1915) – A book for the student and the general reader.

Practical Art Anatomy (1918) – Structural anatomy of the human figure easily understood by ingeniously drawn diagrams.

Animated Cartoons (1920) – How they are made, their origin and development.

Drawing Made Easy (1921) – A helpful book for young artists.

Instead of Scribbling (1924) – A guide to pencil drawing, a drawing book for young people (Not currently in the Public Domain, gallery expected to be open in September 2019).


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Like Level 1, this level showcases the illustrations from each of Edwin’s books.  As these books enter the public domain between 2020 through 2031, they are considered a future website project.


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